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The PainPod is a fast-working and completely drug free device which alleviates pain by passing gentle Bio electrical currents through the skin. The PainPod III is the flagship device for the next generation of TENS/EMS electrotherapy, having been meticulously formed using the latest findings in physiotherapy, acupuncture and medical science. Anyone benefiting from treatment is able to find relief from their pain and experience better performance results in both professional and recreational exercise by using the PainPod.


Advanced TENS therapy works much like a strong painkiller, without the extensive side effect profile of chemical drugs or analgesics. Using the latest advancements in Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation (TENS) and electromyostimulation (EMS) technology, PainPod delivers small pulses near the site of pain or discomfort to offer immediate relief and benefit.

PainPod technology is also coupled with acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage science. If applied to certain muscle groups before, during or after exercise, the Bio electrical therapy currents released from the PainPod can increase performance, reduce recovery times and generally improve muscle condition.

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When pain lifts, you are free to pursue all of the activities it was cutting you off from. Your energy and motivation to participate in work, family activity and social situations will be increased, allowing you to live a more fulfi lled life. By keeping the PainPod close at hand, you can be comforted with the knowledge that if pain strikes, you will be equipped to provide yourself instant relief and continue on with your day instead of being sidelined. Living with PainPod is about more enjoyment, less pain and living life to the fullest.


When athletes are pushing their bodies to the max to achieve higher results, the last thing that they or their support staff wants is for the hard work put into training to go to waste. Waste can be anything from the body not being able to utilise a training session because of incomplete recovery, to an athlete being unable to compete due to an injury.

Athletes training at both professional and amateur levels can face these wasted opportunities if they do not give their body adequate time to recover. This is because strength is not gained during exercise but in the rehabilitation phase. Improvement in muscle strength is made whilst the body repairs the damage caused by exercise. Allowing an athlete’s body to recover fully ensures that they will perform better in the long run and lessens the likelihood of injury. Through combining TENS and EMS Bio technology, PainPod helps to stimulate muscles for improved recovery and development, helping athletes get back to the gym faster. PainPod also manages sports injuries or post workout pain by delivering fast drug free pain relief, anywhere, anytime. Not only will PainPod assist in the control and treatment of pain, but it also benefits athlete’s performance and recovery.

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The medically supported and efficient PainPod helps athletes train harder, recover faster, avoid injury and accelerate strength and conditioning results.The PainPod III employs the latest in TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology. As such, the device is able to be adapted for use in a vast variety of athletic scenarios.

TENS/EMS Bio technology has been notably used in several professional sporting fields including basketball, football, hockey, golfing and the martial arts to improve athlete performance and conditioning. Sportspeople who have applied TENS/EMS technology to their regular training regimen have recorded rapid improvement in strength and fitness to accelerate performance results.

The PainPod III is the flagship device for the next generation of TENS/EMS therapy, which delivers greater results for both professional and recreational athletes.The PainPod III has been developed to maximise results at all stages of the regular training routine including warm-up, during training, recovery and injury rehabilitation.

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