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If you are having trouble posting your Affiliate links on Facebook, try Link2FB.com.  To use this website, add your custom link into the ‘Your link’ field. This will auto-populate the remaining fields.

If you are uploading a video, you can choose to add a play button or change the still shot that is automatically generated to an image of your choice. Some website links may not automatically generate an image. If this is a problem you are facing, you can select the ‘Choose File’ option to the right of where it reads ‘Change picture’.

The image that you upload may need to be re-sized to display correctly. Link2FB recommends that the image size is at least larger than 470x246px but images that are too large will not display properly so don’t go much bigger than that.

Once you are happy, click ‘Get My Link’. You’ll have a pop-up come up and will need to wait around a minute (or click an ad) for the link to appear. Copy the link to your Facebook status or wherever you would prefer to upload link preview.

This link generator is best for when you would like to add a different image for a video or website page than the one that auto-generates in your Facebook preview. Otherwise, the initial steps for Facebook provided at the top of this page are far quicker and simpler. 

REMEMBER, Facebook now allows you to can delete the custom Tracking Link from your status update before posting once the link preview has loaded.

If you have any questions, contact gabriella@painpodau.com and she will assist you with this.