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Our love for our PainPod community is only bested by our commitment to providing quality medical technology backed with scientific proof. Peruse our library of articles below for the latest product updates and clinical evidence examining the effectiveness of PainPod's TENS and EMS medical technology for pain relief, muscle rehabilitation, performance enhancement and more.

PainPod FAQ's

 PainPod FAQ's gift voucher, warranty info, TENS, EMS (NMES), battery life, business opportunities    

How do I use my PainPod gift voucher? Where do I enter the voucher code? How long does my PainPod warranty last for? Can I get a rebate from my health fund if I buy a PainPod device or accessory? Find the answers to our frequently asked questions here...


PainPod Pain Relief During Labour

During pregnancy it's common for women to lean towards natural, non-chemical methods of managing labour pain in order to avoid the side effects of medications. See how real-life clinical trials support TENS for labour pain...


Study Confirms TENS for Pain Management after Childbirth

TENS pain relief during and after labour
New research has further confirmed that the TENS technology used by PainPod significantly reduces pain after childbirth...


Get more from your workout with PainPod TENS/EMS technology

Have you ever wished you could cycle uphill faster or maintain 100% max performance for longer when working out?  According to the latest medical research, PainPod advanced technology (TENS/EMS) could potentially improve exercise performance in healthy individuals.

Have you ever wished you could cycle uphill faster or maintain 100% max performance for longer when working out? According to the latest medical research, PainPod advanced technology (TENS/EMS) could potentially improve exercise performance in healthy individuals...


PainPod Video Library



Do you want to see the PainPod portable advanced TENS/EMS devices in action? Scroll through the latest PainPod testimonials and videos featuring professional athletes, celebrities, retailers, every day users and more here in our PainPod Video Library...


PainPod advanced TENS & EMS technology for pain relief, performance enhancement & recovery

chronic pain relief - tens machine Australia

Before the introduction of medicinal painkillers, the use of electric currents to stimulate the nerves was one of the primary treatments for pain. To provide a drug-free alternative to painkiller epidemic, the team at PainPod developed an advanced TENS device for pain reduction with added EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology to aid muscle recovery and enhance performance...


PainPod TENS could potentially help lower blood pressure and heart rate

Blood pressure and cardiovascular health - PainPod TENS/EMS (NMES) units
Can PainPod TENS lower blood pressure or heart rate? New research recently published has confirmed TENS may be a solution....


Prevention of DVT with TENS Technology

Prevention of DVT with TENS unit | PainPod Australia
A controlled study reveals that transcutaneous fibular nerve stimulation during knee replacement surgery showed significant effects on preventing DVT...


PainPod Australia encourages its customers to always read the label and to use its products as directed, if symptoms persist see your doctors and/or healthcare professional. Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as ARTG Identifier: 176131 Certificate Number: DV-2010-MC-13011-3.