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Do you want to see the PainPod portable advanced TENS/EMS devices in action? Scroll through the latest PainPod testimonials and videos featuring professional athletes, celebrities, retailers, every day users and more here in our PainPod Video Library.

John Chiodi South Australian Rider | PainPod TENS/EMS

John Chiodi is a South Australian rider and former pre-modern champion. As a seasoned rider, Chiodi has suffered from a number of strains and injuries over the years. This is his take on PainPod.

PainPod for Athletes | Recovery and Performance

PainPod for Athletes shows a sneak preview of high-profile athletes discussing the PainPod and their experiences with our advanced EMS/TENS portable medical devices.

PainPod Advanced TENS/EMS | Labour & Recovery Aid

Are you pregnant or have you recently had a baby? PainPod portable advanced TENS/EMS machines have been known to relieve pain during the final trimester, relieve cramps, relieve pain during labour,relieve postpartum pain and help with muscle recovery post birth. For more information about advanced TENS as an effective way to manage pain after childbirth, click here.

GC All Sports (GCS Sports) talks PainPod TENS/EMS

Gary from GC All Sports trialled the PainPod because he and his wife were suffering from back pain and shoulder pain. Gary was so impressed by his results that he has since chosen to offer the PainPod at his retail store for athletes and everyday people in need of the amazing benefits. Since joining PainPod, GC All Sports has been rebranded as GCS Sports. This is his PainPod experience.

PainPod TENS/EMS Machine | Mitchell Paynter Superbike Rider

Australasian Superbike competitor Mitchell Paynter uses his PainPod for muscle recovery, training, pain relief and performance enhancement. This is Mitchell’s Paynter's PainPod story.

PainPod Advanced EMS/TENS Machines

Where do you put your PainPod Pads? Do you use your PainPod TENS/EMS device at home, work or when you are out and about? What do you use it for? We would love to hear your story! Leave us a message on our Good News Stories page here.

 PainPod Australia encourages its customers to always read the label and to use its products as directed, if symptoms persist see your doctors and/or healthcare professional. Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as ARTG Identifier: 176131 Certificate Number: DV-2010-MC-13011-3.