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The world’s only Natural Recovery and Pain Relief Technology in one Ultra-Wearable unit.

With BiStim.  Medically Researched & Expertly Engineered.


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Welcome to Generation Pain free.

Reach your Body’s Full Potential with the most advanced scientific breakthroughs in portable physical therapy medical devices.


PainPod® 3



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  • Chronic Pain Relief: Mild Arthritis Pain, Chronic Nerve, Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain & More.
  • Acute Pain Relief: Short Term Low Back, Neck, Shoulder, Nerve & Muscle Pain & Ongoing Sports Injuries More.
  • Pain Relief After Surgery: Labour Pain, Knee Surgery Pain, Most Post-surgery Pain.
  • Musculoskeletal Pain Relief: Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Hip Pain, Growing Pain & More.
  • Fast Pain Relief After Injury: Sprains, Strains, Cramps, Broken Bones, Fractures & More.


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  • Increase Exercise Tolerance by Increasing Oxygen Supply To Muscles.
  • Improve Range Of Motion by Stimulating Muscles, Nerves And Tissue Around Joints.
  • Improve Warm Up by Targeting Specific Muscle Groups Before Training Or Activity.
  • Stimulate & Strengthen Muscles Maximise Muscle Fibre Activation During Workouts.
  • Reduce Recovery Times By Increasing Flow Of Nutrients (Like Protein) To Targeted Muscle Groups Reduce Muscle Atrophy During Recovery Or Forced Inactivity.


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  • Repair Damaged & Torn Muscles Faster by Improving Nutrient Flow to Target Area.
  • Remove Waste & Toxins Through Micro Pulsations Improving Circulation.
  • Increase Myokine Production to Improve and Mediate the Body's Natural Repair System Aid Rehabilitation as Tissues Repair by Reducing Pain and Improving Range of Motion.
  • Assist Correct Muscle Remodelling of Repaired Tissues to Avoid Dysfunctional Movement After Injury.

What is a PainPod®?

As demands for effective natural alternatives to medication increase, the new PainPod range brings natural to the body effective pain relief, recovery and performance benefit to pro-sports, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone, at any age, wanting a pain free lifestyle.

By combining up to the minute advances in science waveform, electrotherapy and micro currents with the latest neurological understandings and advanced BioEngineering PainPod are leading the way with next generation of ultra- wearable, easy to use devices, proven not only for effective pain relief but also to promote & speed recovery and increase performance.

With millions of units using our technology already sold throughout the world, they are used in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical rehabilitation and professional sport.

Whether you simply want to enjoy life without constant aches and pain or you want to train and compete at your best performance and recovery levels, the same freedom is now available to you.

The core technology in every PainPod device has been the power behind some of the world’s most respected, high performance athletes and sporting teams including:

  • Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, Bruce Lee & Jack Nicklaus.
  • Olympic Athletes & Coaches from the U.S, U.K and Russia.
  • Elite sporting clubs around the world including teams from the NBA, English Premier League, AFL, NHL & NFL and Pro Cycling.
  • Rugby players, Cricketers, Cross Fitters, Triathletes, Gymnasts, Boxers, Cyclists, Bodybuilders and many more of the world’s elite professional athletes.

PainPod treatment technology helps millions worldwide.

The BioTechnology at the heart of every PainPod is trusted and used by doctors, physiotherapists , chiropractors and sports scientists around the world.

We are recommended by some of world’s best known sporting clubs and athletes. We are proud to help our global community of lesser known athletes and everyday people of all ages live life pain free.


The BioTechnology at the heart of every PainPod is trusted and used by doctors, clinics, physiotherapists , chiropractors and sports scientists around the world.

We are recommended by some of world’s best known sporting clubs and athletes. We are equally as proud to help our global community of  everyday people of all ages live life to the fullest.


Samara Whalley

June 2016

"Quality and life changing product.. I haven't had to take nurofen since using it! It's made a huge difference! It's like having your own portable massage/ physio therapist on call 24hrs day/7 days a week at no extra cost!!"


Kylie Freeman

July 2016

"I suffered a stroke over 12 years ago why in Brisbane this march at the rugby league masters my partner purchased one of these sceptical I've begs in useing it each night for the past two months I now have movement in two of my fingers on my left hand which had been useless for the past 12 yrs thank you so very much my hope in regaining a full recovery is now alive again."


Janelle Kenny

July 2016

"You have changed my life , from constant prescribed pain meds to nothing except a panadol for a headache.My husband uses it too . I am so greatful that I stopped at your stand. Thank you ."



June 2016

"I have had the painpod 3 for a week and i love it. Great for the sore shoulders and neck."


Emma Benzo

September 2016

"The painpod has really helped with my back pain from hours of sitting in the office. I use it when I work from home. It's also helped with recovery after intense workouts! I like the different settings on the device, and the customer service is great"


Georgie Bell

July 2016

"This is the best gadget I had ever bought to manage my running injuries. I use it daily, on my feet, hips, shoulders - anywhere that needs it. My family also use it. Highly recommend!"



Ken Day

May 2016

"Fantastic machine. I gave one to my 79 year old father and he uses it regularly to ease his aches and pains. It's a must have machine and it's size is so convenient. Well worth the cost."


Amber Thwaites

May 2016

"One of the best investments I have made into my families health. My kids use it when they get growing pains, my husband fell from a 2 storied roof 6 years ago and damaged his feet. Since using the Painpod it has made remarkable improvements to his mobility. I love using it on my muscles after those weighted gym sessions. Long hot bath, then on with the pads = total bliss. I even took it to the movies :) :)Thank you Pain pod for helping our family."


Kylie Sherwin

March 2016

"Thanks PainPod, this device has paid for itself already and I've only had it a month! I use it just about every evening when I watch tv and sometimes at work during the day.I am training for a marathon and plan to use it every step of the way.Thanks again and I would recommend this to anyone."



Brita Reid

May 2016

"I've lost count of the injuries I've seen healed, yet it still amazes me!! Favorite part is definitely the look on a skeptics face when they have more mobility and zero pain! If ya don't have a painpod..GET ONE!!"


Steve Forbes

March 2016

"Thoroughly happy with my PainPod purchase. Nagging pain in lower hip/top of glute all but disappeared after an hour on the PainPod."



Rebecca Davies

August 2016

"Awesome- 1 x 10 minute use alleviated pain all day from a chronic lower back problem."



Beverley Adams

May 2016

"I have to say that the pain pod is wonderful.... it has made my life so much better and pain free when I am on my feet a long time. I suffer intense pain in my lower back which then makes my leg get tingling and then it goes out from under me... I am told I have sciatica.... since using the pain pod whenever I am on my feet for shopping or cleaning or anytime I am on my feet for over a half an hour... the pain pod takes all the pain out and I am able to walk around freely.... it is amazing. I highly recommend it..."



Danni Cunnane

August 2016

"have suffered chronic back pain since 2001 and like many people, I’ve learned to live with the constant aching and pain that back injuries come with. I first tried the PainPod at a stand at a horse event I was attending earlier this year and was a bit dubious when the sales person told me to give the unit a try. I used it for 30 mins and what a difference it made – I couldn’t believe that my pain wasn’t there anymore. That one session left me pain free for two days!I was lucky enough to be selected by the PainPod team to take place in a recent trial to test the new device (PainPod 3) along with a selection of accessories. I’m an avid equestrian who rides six days a week - let’s just say that the device has a daily workout after my riding sessions. It has made a HUGE difference to my quality of life, I use my PainPod almost every evening to relax my muscles and take away any aches and pains.I highly recommend the PainPod, it’s small enough to fit into my pocket and give me a treatment on the go – anywhere, anytime! The PainPod team are knowledgeable and lovely to speak to, if you’re looking for a wonderful TENS machine then I highly recommend the PainPod 3."


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