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The PainPod™ Is A Cutting Edge 3-In-1 Medical Device

That Relieves Pain, Strengthens and Conditions Muscles & assists in Recovery & Rehabilitation.

PainPod 3 - portable EMS/TENS machine Australia - PainPod Aus

What is a PainPod™?

The PainPod™ advanced medical units are fast-working and completely drug-free medical devices. PainPod™s alleviate pain by passing bio-friendly electrical currents through the skin. They are also used in physiotherapy for injury or surgery recovery, and can be used as a workout aid to improve exercise performance. Anyone benefiting from treatment can potentially enjoy pain relief from a number of different conditions including chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders, surgery, injury, muscle strain, cramps, labour pain and more.

PainPod™ is suitable for physiotherapy and is known to improve performance and recovery for both professional athletes and general lovers of recreational exercise.

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50 Years of research to provide only the best in physical therapy technology

The PainPod™ 3 is the flagship device for the next generation of EMS, TENS and portable physical therapy devices, having been meticulously formed using the latest findings in physiotherapy, acupuncture and medical science.

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How do PainPod™ Advanced Medical Devices work?


PainPod™ advanced medical devices work much like a strong painkiller. Using the latest advancements in transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), electrical muscle stimulation (EMS or NMES) and physical therapy technology, PainPod™ delivers small pulses near the site of pain or discomfort to offer fast relief from pain, improved performance and recovery.

PainPod™ portable physical therapy devices are designed in Australia and meticulously formulated with combined acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage science. If applied to certain muscle groups before, during or after exercise, the bio-friendly frequencies released from the PainPod™ can increase performance, reduce recovery times, boost circulation and generally improve muscle condition.

By directly targeting the muscles you want to relieve, repair or strengthen, the PainPod™ can block pain signals, increase the flow of nutrients and work to repair the body. The PainPod™ 3 includes 12 scientifically developed modes, 1-20 intensity levels and an easy to follow placement and instruction guide. Adjust the PainPod™ to what feels best for you to achieve maximum results.

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Life with PainPod™

When pain lifts, you are free to pursue all of the activities it was cutting you off from. Your energy and motivation to participate in work, family activities and social events will potentially increase, allowing you to live a more fulfilled life. 

By keeping your portable PainPod™ advanced medical unit close at hand, you can be comforted with the knowledge that if pain strikes, you will be equipped to give yourself fast pain relief on the spot and continue on with your daily activities. Living with PainPod™ is about more enjoyment, less pain and living life to the fullest.

PainPod™ physical therapy devices are medical devices and as such, should only be used as directed by the manual or by a health professional. The PainPod™ is included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods: ARTG # 176131.


PainPod News


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Banish Back Pain. Be One Of The 1 In 10.

December 16, 2016

If you’re suffering a back problem, you may not know that you’re not entirely alone. There’s an estimated 3 million Australians suffering with you. If you’re suffering a back problem, you’re one of the 9 in 10 of us that can expect to experience back pain at some point....

PainPod™ Research Team

Clinical & Scientific Research


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Overcoming Pain & Getting Back In The Game With Former AFL Star Heath Scotland

September 22, 2016

Heath Scotland went from a daily struggling with movement to playing footy again with PainPod™. "When I finished,” Scotland explained when asked about his retirement from professional AFL, “I was struggling to get up and down stairs. It was just movement...

PainPod™ Research Team

Clinical & Scientific Research

Sports & Recovery with PainPod™

When athletes are pushing their bodies to the max to achieve higher results, the last thing that they or their support staff wants is for the hard work put into training to go to waste. Waste can be anything from the body not being able to utilise a training session because of incomplete recovery, to an athlete being unable to compete due to an injury.

Athletes training at both professional and amateur levels can face these wasted opportunities if they do not give their body adequate time to recover. This is because strength is not gained during exercise but in the rehabilitation phase. Improvement in muscle strength is made whilst the body repairs the damage caused by exercise.

Allowing an athlete's body to recover fully ensures that they will perform better in the long run and lessens the likelihood of injury. Through combined pain relief, physical therapy and massage technology, PainPod™ helps to stimulate muscles for improved recovery and development, helping athletes get back to the gym faster. PainPod™ also manages sports injuries or post workout pain by delivering fast drug free pain relief, anywhere, anytime. Not only will PainPod™ assist in the control and treatment of pain, but it also benefits performance and recovery.

PainPod TENS/EMS medical devices for athletes and exercise - PainPod Australia

"One of the best investments I have made into my families health. My kids use it when they get growing pains, my husband fell from a 2 storied roof 6 years ago and damaged his feet. Since using the PainPod it has made remarkable improvements to his mobility. I love using it on my muscles after those weighted gym sessions. Long hot bath, then on with the pads = total bliss. I even took it to the movies :) :) Thank you PainPod for helping our family."


“Awesome - 1 x 10 minute use alleviated pain all day from a chronic lower back problem."


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