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Don’t feel trapped by period pain.

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A fit and health women in her active wear, about to start her exercise. She is using her PainPod M on her abdomen.

Stop dreading that time of the month

Without that relief, you’re left to deal with that gripping pain or constant ache over and over again. Thankfully, there are other options you can use to ease period pain and live a little more freely during these difficult times. If you’re ready to opt for a drug-free alternative, our TENS devices will help reduce pain and cramps by preventing pain signals from reaching your brain — so you can go about your day hassle-free and undisturbed. Whether you face terrible cramping every cycle or always reach for the hot water bottle to ease stomach or back aches, our devices will transform how you experience your period.

The benefits of investing in PainPod’s drug-free relief from cramp pain

Whether you’re working from home or dealing with aches on the move, our devices are easy to use and may help provide instant relief from cramps and pain. Why invest in a PainPod TENS machine? The benefits include:

  • Proven relief from pain and cramps — From mild to chronic period pain that leaves you bedridden, our TENS devices will ease discomfort by blocking pain signals from registering with your brain, helping condition your body to protect itself. Our devices are the perfect drug-free alternative for those who wish to avoid conventional over-the-counter medications.
  • Easy to use — Small and compact, you can store our portable physical therapy devices in your purse, car or carry-on luggage for on-the-go relief from pain and cramps. To get started, follow the instructions in the manual, choose what area you wish to target, and allow our devices to take care of the rest.
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Make cramps and pain a thing of the past and shop PainPod’s range today

Ready to halt period cramp pain in their tracks? The perfect alternative to drug-based painkillers, our innovative devices may help provide gentle, effective relief from agony, helping you get through the day with a smile.

If you’re tired of enduring dysmenorrhea, nausea, premenstrual headaches, cramps, and pain, it’s time to experience the PainPod difference for yourself — our palm-sized companions have helped thousands of women across the globe transform how they experience their monthly cycle.

Ready to get started? Explore our range today to find the right fit, or reach out to our friendly team for additional support on how our devices can prevent pain and cramping from ruining your day — they’d be more than happy to assist.


Drug-free relief from period pain

Focusing on a fit and healthy women's abdomen, she is relaxing in her outdoor setting. While in her active wear using her EconoPads on her abdomen.

Simple and easy to use

An over the shoulder angle, looking at a fit and healthy women casually wearing her activewear. While sitting on her couch outside, she is using her PainPod 3 and changing modes on it. That is connected with her EconoPads, that are on her right quad.

Long-life battery so you can use over and over

A low angle perspective that is looking at a young healthy women, in her activewear. She is smiling at her PainPod 3 that is connected to her EconoPads, these pads are placed on her abdomen and righ quad.
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What are period cramps, and what causes it? 

Many women experience cramping pain during menstruation. Also known as dysmenorrhoea, it occurs when the muscle of your uterus contracts to aid the uterus in shedding its lining. While completely normal, some females may suffer from chronic period pain or secondary dysmenorrhoea due to endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory diseases or adenomyosis. Additionally, higher levels of prostaglandins — a lipid compound — can increase the feeling of period pain.

How can you avoid cramps? 

Period pain can be an uncomfortable time for many women. While you can’t prevent them, there are many things you can do to manage their impact on your lifestyle and get some respite. 

For pain relief you can count on during your period, TENS machines offer the best way to manage and reduce your discomfort. Using gentle electrical pulses to stimulate your nerves, it blocks the signal of pain from registering to inhibit the feeling of tension and allow you to enjoy your lifestyle as normal. Some complementary menstruation cramping pain treatments include:

How long should cramps last?

Every female’s menstruation is unique, where period cramping pain can generally last between 48 and 72 hours; however, it can last longer. With the use of PainPod’s TENS machine for period pain, the severity and duration of your discomfort will be significantly reduced.

What is the best cramp remedy?

Whether you’re cramping pain is beginning to sink in or you’re looking to manage acute period pain, with our TENS machine, period pain can be less of an issue. 20% of females can’t get relief from over-the-counter drugs, making our period TENS machines the perfect drug-free alternative. Sending mild electrical signals to your nerves will block the feeling of pain so you can continue with your day as normal. With PainPod, you can address your cramps discreetly and conveniently in the comfort of your home.