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Looking to take the bite out of stiff joints? Wanting to ease the discomfort of inflamed muscles? Get potential and natural relief from pain and improve your lifestyle with the range of physical therapy devices from PainPod. Whether you’re trying to manage the symptoms of an existing issue or looking to aid recovery after an injury, PainPod devices offer dual modes that allow you to choose between the services of an EMS machine and TENS device in one package. It may help target the source of aches and offer some soothing and restorative short-term comfort.

Rehabilitate sore muscles and bodies at home with EMS and TENS devices

Living with pain and aches can be debilitating, no matter how severe. From preventing you from participating in sports and resuming your typical activities to chronic pain keeping you in bed, pain is a complex and multi-dimensional experience, and it’s not simply a sensation.

With physical therapy devices like TENS machines and EMS devices, you can naturally treat pain at its source from the comfort of your home. From your calves and abdomen to your back and neck, physical therapy devices can be applied across many areas of your body and are easy to use without assistance. Simply attach the handheld or wireless device to the affected area and relax with a book or TV show while you start your session.

Discover the natural difference an EMS and TENS machine can make

Our range of physical therapy devices offers alternative at-home therapy to help naturally manage symptoms of pain. Suitable for treating sports injuries, strained muscles and general pain relief, EMS machines use electrical impulses to condition and strengthen your muscles and aid your body’s natural ability to heal quickly (Machado, Santana, Tacani and Liebano, 2022).

For more chronic, long-term pain, our TENS devices will use the electrical current to block the pain signal from transmitting to your spine and brain to help manage, minimise and reduce the feeling of pain from registering. Before you purchase a TENS device or EMS machine, ensure you consult a medical practitioner who can provide you with expert advice and the best course of action to provide overall relief.

Shop the pain relief physical therapy devices from PainPod today

As the second largest TENS and EMS wellness and support business in Australia, we’re on a mission to help restore the lives and lifestyles of Australians. Our collection of physical therapy devices and accessories may naturally help relieve or ease the feeling of pain — so you can get moving again. If you have any questions about our products or need help choosing a suitable model, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today — we’re happy to help or provide guidance and support.


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