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The Answer To Everyday Aches and Pains

Don’t put up with those aches and pains any longer.

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Rethink Your Approach To Aches and Pains

If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid serious injury or chronic pain, the chances are you’ve still felt the tug of everyday aches and pains. None of us completely escape them, and as we get older, daily aches can become commonplace. 

Of course, most of us think to grab an over-the-counter pain relief drug when aches flare up. But more and more people in Australia and around the world are using an “old made new”, drug-free technique called TENS (or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to ease those aches and pains. 

TENS is a very effective analgesic (pain reliever). It works by sending gentle electrical pulses through the affected body area, blocking the pain signals that would otherwise be sent to the brain. While particular opioid-like drugs can also be effective pain relievers, they are often accompanied by side effects. The TENS technology embedded in PainPod is a drug-free method of relief from aches and pains1, 2.      As an added benefit, it also encourages your body to produce endorphins3, 4,      hormones that work to relieve pain naturally. 

EMS — or Electrical Muscle Stimulation — also plays a part in relieving aches and pains that may slow us down. Along with relieving pain, EMS also stimulates muscle strength, growth and repair, as well as improving blood flow to speeding recovery whether from exercise5   or surgery.6

PainPod is the tool people want, and use for fast, drug-free pain relief and recovery. With a simple interface, different intensities (to deal with different levels of pain) and portable enough to go where you do, PainPod provides an answer to those everyday aches.

An overhead angle of women in casual clothing, relaxing on her couch while changing modes on her PainPod 2.

Wave Goodbye To Everyday Aches and Pains

Say goodbye to hot water bottles, cramps and period pain with a TENS machine

Whether it's primary dysmenorrhea, nausea, premenstrual headaches or debilitating pain that leaves you bedridden and calling in sick to work, that time of the month can be a struggle for many women.

If you experience nasty period pain and usually turn to over-the-counter medication to resolve the issue, we come with good news — a TENS machine is a drug-free alternative that may provide you with some much-needed relief throughout your cycle.

The benefits of investing in a TENS machine to alleviate period pain

  • Drug-free relief from painPainPod is the ultimate tool in your arsenal for drug-free relief from mild to chronic period pain. Combining TENS and EMS functions, our devices can block the signal of pain and discomfort from registering with your brain and help condition your body to protect itself. Easy to use in the privacy of your own home or while on the go, our period pain devices are the ideal option for those who wish to avoid conventional medication.
  • Proven to make a real difference — A recent study found that 90% of young women suffer from period pain, and 20 to 25% reported that drug-based painkillers were ineffective. Without consistent relief, five or seven-day cycles can feel like an uphill battle. Thankfully, PainPod’s TENS devices have been clinically proven to help ease aches and may help reduce period pain — so you can go about your day symptom-free as much as possible.
  • Easy to use — With a long-lasting battery, a range of different modes that allow you to choose your level of intensity and sticky pads that you can reuse, our TENS devices are the ideal option for reducing pain.
  • Target a range of bodily areas — Whether you’re suffering from lower back aches, nasty cramps or more general period pain, you can experiment and choose where you place the device, allowing you to determine the most comfortable and effective way to use your PainPod tool.

Make period pain a thing of the past and shop our collection online today

As the leading supplier of innovative medical devices, our TENS machines prevent pain signals from reaching your brain — all while stimulating the body to produce endorphins, your body’s natural pain relievers. Studies have shown that using TENS technology during your cycle can dramatically reduce period pain, making life a little easier. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our range today to better manage period pain.



Long-life battery, so you can use it over and over

An elderly man sitting in a chair while wearing casual clothing, he has his PainPod 3 connected to the large EconoPads. The EconoPads are then connected to his knee.

Large screen that’s easy to read

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Wide range of wearable accessories

An over the shoulder angle, looking at a women using her PainPod 3 that is connected to her BodySystems Gloves. While sharing food with another male on the otherside of the table.
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What are the types of pain? 

Unexpected events can happen at any time; some forms of discomfort our pain relief devices can help manage include:

What are the possible causes of pain?

Pain can occur at any moment as a result of a number of events — while it should be temporary, without effective treatment, you don’t want to be searching for chronic pain relief that was initially triggered by everyday aches and pain. Some causes of pain include:

What are the remedies available?

PainPod is the ultimate tool in your arsenal for drug-free relief from mild to chronic pain. Combining TENS and EMS functions, our everyday aches and pain treatment can block the signal of pain and discomfort from registering with your brain and help condition your body to protect itself. In the privacy and convenience of your home, you can enjoy chronic pain relief with a short and comfortable session.