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A New Approach to Musculoskeletal Pain Relief

Find a better way to tame crippling musculoskeletal pain.

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A elderly man sitting on his couch in comfertable clothing. The PainPod 3 is sitting next to him on the couch while it is connected to the Bio Belt that is wrapped around his knee.

Musculoskeletal Pain Is A “Life Stealer”

It is an undeniable fact that musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) pain steals years of life quality from tens of millions of people around the world. As many as 97% of Australians suffer from this kind of pain at some time, with more than 60% struggling on a weekly basis (or worse)1. People with pain in muscles and/or joints battle their bodies daily. 

This kind of pain can make trying to live a “normal” life almost impossible. And while you can make lifestyle changes, like managing weight and moving about more, it might not be enough to get on top of musculoskeletal pain.

Fortunately, technology has developed to give sufferers an alternative, easy way to calm their pain. TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation - has been shown in numerous lab and field studies to relieve pain resulting from a range of muscle and joint conditions2, 3. In fact, since the 1980s TENS has been one of the most frequently used pain relieving “modalities” for Physical Therapists4 and is supported by a number of patient/physician interest groups including the Mayo clinic5, Web MD6, and the Cleveland Clinic7.

While TENS has been used as a pain reliever for decades, modern technology has allowed thousands to bring it into their homes, or wherever they go. The PainPod is a light-weight, easy to use device that gives people battling musculoskeletal pain time-tested relief. Plus, because it is drug-free, you can use it as often as you need.

An over the head angle looking down at a women in comfortable clothing, who is relaxing with her legs out on the couch. She is using her Bio Socks which is paired with her PainPod 3.

Drug-free pain relief from your musculoskeletal pain

An over the shoulder angle looking at a middle aged women. She is comfortably sitting in her living room, while using her PainPod M on her right wrist.

Light-weight and portable so you can take it with you

A middle aged women sitting on a chair, while using her PainPod 2 device that is connected to the EconoPads. These pads are sitting on the couch next her just before she places them on her body.

Use PainPod as much as you need to

An over the shoulder angle of a man sitting on a chair in his living room. While relaxing in his chair, he is controlling his PainPod 3 while using the BodySystems Gloves.
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