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Walk and move freely and leave the thought of pain and discomfort behind with the collection of TENS/EMS electrode pads from PainPod. Whether you need replacement electrode pads to replace those that have served their purpose, find a pad to reach a different part of your body or stock up for the months ahead, our range has everything to help manage pain at the source.

Extend the use of your pain relief device with our TENS/EMS pads

While pain is an important mechanism for the body to alert you of an injury or ailment, it shouldn’t be something you live with constantly — so why not make pain a fleeting experience you can easily forget? Studies have shown that TENS is an effective complementary therapy that alleviates the feeling of pain by modulating neurotransmitters and receptors. With the careful and proper use of our machines, you could improve your general sense of wellness. With the regular replacement of our TENS/EMS electrode pads to maintain their conductivity, you can try to maximise your results. (Tahmineh, M. et al. 2020) 

Within our range, you’ll find replacement electrode pads that are compatible to work with our machines' TENS and EMS functions. With equipment to target sources of localised pain, you can find an accessory to reach most areas of your body. 

Choose the butterfly pad that will conform to the curves of your body like your upper arms, thighs or upper back, opt for the medium pad to manage pain where its boundaries have blurred and spread or find comfort in our lower back pad that can be easily applied without juggling multiple connections. We can also supply you with packs containing numerous spares so you can always be ready to manage flare-ups.

Shop our range of natural pain relieving TENS/EMS pads

Whether you’re working to ease the discomfort of existing issues or condition your muscles after an injury, PainPod offers a range of devices and accessories you can rely on. With the services of Australia’s 2nd largest TENS and EMS provider, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your needs are being met.


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