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Drug-Free Chronic Pain Relief

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A Better Way To Relieve Chronic Pain

You might already be too familiar about how chronic pain affects people. While the physical symptoms1,  whether heavy, throbbing aches or burning sensations, are bad enough, the emotional toll is just as bad. Long-term pain can dramatically impact your quality of life2,  leaving you depressed, anxious, angry, tired… and most importantly, feeling like you’re unable to take part in your own life.

Debilitating pain isn’t an individual ailment; it can profoundly affect your whole family and friends too. Whether it prevents you from working or you need to depend on others to get through the day, it can significantly affect your independence. For chronic pain relief without drugs and to help regain your sense of self, look into PaidPod and discover chronic pain relief devices that can help manage and target the sensation of pain at the source.

Take back your wellness with PainPod’s chronic pain relief device

With regular sessions with PainPod’s chronic pain relief device, you can help restore your health and take back your lifestyle with short intervals taking minutes a day. As one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest and leading suppliers of TENS and EMS machines, you can rely on us to help treat and alleviate persistent, long-standing pain.

Our machines and attachments have been designed to give you a tailored fit and comfortable and secure wear. Using innovative technologies and microcurrent electrical pulses to stimulate an immune response, you can naturally manage chronic pain relief without drugs in the comfort of your home.

For the next generation of chronic pain relief devices, check out our PainPod 3 machine or the PainPod Platinum Pack, which includes the central unit and a suite of accessories.

Medication, with the often uncomfortable side effects may be popular to cope with chronic pain, but it’s not the only way. Technology helps us apply age-old techniques to help fight the pain, with TENS and EMS being two of these. TENS — or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation — sends small electrical pulses through your skin that target the nerves, blocking pain signals from getting to your brain. In effect, the TENS technology in PainPod is a drug-free solution to pain relief. As an added benefit, it also encourages your body to produce hormones called “endorphins” that act as natural pain relievers. 

PainPod allows you to harness TENS to ease chronic pain that’s plaguing your body. Studies have shown3, 4       TENS to be effective for different types of pain, from the neck to the lower back, pelvis and other parts of the body. It’s also been proven to help5    with mood and activity, simply as a result of freeing your body from debilitating pain. But most importantly, it lets you get on with life… without the paralysing pain.

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Get the support you need and alleviate chronic pain relief without drugs

There is no magic cure for debilitating pain, but many believe PainPod is the next best thing. While blocking your nerves from generating a pain response with the brain, TENS and EMS have been shown to increase blood flow and circulation and trigger an immune response so your body can heal itself quicker.6 Manage your chronic pain relief yourself to take back the reins and start moving and improve your feeling of wellness with PainPod.


Use PainPod whenever you want

A elderly man sitting on his couch in comfertable clothing. The PainPod 3 is sitting next to him on the couch while it is connected to the Bio Belt that is wrapped around his knee.

Ready to use in a minute or two

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Dial up (or down) the intensity to match your pain

An overhead angle of a lady in her casual clothes, sitting comfertably in her living room on a chair. While changing modes on her PainPod 3 to help use the Foot Pad.
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