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Looking for comfortable and natural pain relief? PainPod is proud to offer our customers a wide collection of TENS conductive clothing. Designed to give you hassle-free wear, you can alleviate your feelings of tension and aches to make consistent use easy and convenient. Explore the range today and find an accessory that targets major and common sources of pain. 

Slip into pain relief with our selection of conductive TENS machine garments

While pain isn’t a laughing matter, the feeling of being connected with cables and pads can be a little confronting. Our conductive TENS and EMS garments have been specially made to give you a firm fit that stays on the body so you can enjoy comfortable and discrete wear while you read a book, watch TV or spend time with your loved ones. 

They’re woven with a conductive material that can effectively distribute its electric stimulation over a larger body area, so you can help manage sources of localised pain where it is felt and across a broader muscle group. Our TENS conductive clothing makes for an exceptional alternative when you cannot use gel pads. Whether you’re trying to treat an existing issue or aid recovery after an injury, studies have shown that TENS naturally and effectively alleviates the feeling of pain by modulating neurotransmitters and receptors. (Tahmineh, M. et al. 2020)

Within our collection, you’ll find conductive TENS/EMS garments to work alongside our machines. From foot wraps, socks and gloves to belts and knee sleeves, there’s no doubt we’ll have an accessory that manages localised pain in multiple areas of your body.

Take the sting out of pain with our conductive TENS machine garments 

Pain doesn’t need to be a reoccurring issue. Once your body makes you aware of an ailment, give it the TLC it needs to remedy the problem with our TENS conductive clothing and machines at PainPod. If you have any questions about our clothing, please reach out to our friendly team today. 


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