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PainPod on 9 News Gold Coast Australia - Effective Pain Relief

Back pain sufferers are being urged to try wearable technology and natural remedies before taking painkillers. #9News |

Posted by 9 News Gold Coast on Friday, January 19, 2018

As reported on Nine News Gold Coast Australia. The effective alternative for soon to be banned OTC Codeine Pain Killers.

Reporting - Jayde Cotic: Georgia Harding has suffered from chronic back and neck pain for years. After trying a range of natural therapies, the mum of two discovered Pain Pod.

Georgia Harding: To start with, I had to use it a lot. It wasn't ... I was using it several times a day on some days, on bad days.

Jayde Cotic: The medical device designed here on the coast uses electrical pulses to block pain signals to the brain and it's drug free.

Georgia Harding: It allows me to keep working. It allows me to go about my time and do all of the things I need to do as a busy mum.

Jayde Cotic: Doctors and physios are backing the technology, hoping it will deter patients from codeine painkillers.

Yves (Physiotherapist) : There are a lot of different options out there, and this device, the PainPod, is another good, natural option that might be able to help people when they have those symptoms.

James Finn: Codeine by itself is a very, very poor painkiller. It's one of the worst. We know that it's no better than paracetamol.

Jayde Cotic: In 12 days, codeine painkillers will become prescription-only, with local pharmacies banned from selling the drugs over the counter.

Arwel Jones: For people coming in with easily managed dental pain, back pain, headaches, they're going to have to actually see the doctor.

Jayde Cotic: But some pharmacists believe there are better ways to manage the painkillers.

Arwel Jones: Maybe implementing a mandatory real time monitoring system, like the MedsASSIST.

Jayde Cotic: The ban takes effect February 1st. Jayde Cotic, Nine Gold Coast News.
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