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Tech Items That Will Change Your Life

Pain is a thing of the past, with the help of this Australian born global business PainPod, who have developed drug-free, pain relief technologies that can harness the body’s bioelectrical system to moderate and manage pain levels, accelerate recovery and increase performance.

The PainPod range includes leading products; PainPod Mi and PainPod 3 Physical Therapy Device as well as a range of accessory hand and feet applications.

The new generation device PainPod Mi is the world’s only natural recovery and pain relief technology available in one ultra-wearable unit. The first to combine biostimulation and microcurrent therapy.

The device mimics the body’s natural electrical microcurrent, helping cells to regenerate and repair, reducing inflammation and assisting in pain relief, rather than working as a pain blocker.

The perfect gift for your loved one, the device is appropriate for children, to pregnant women in their final trimester to the elderly and can target a range of pain management needs.

Targeting all levels of pain, the product range targets; chronic or acute pain in the body, nerve pain, rehabilitation, post-injury and surgery recovery, prenatal, labour and postnatal pain, arthritis and more.” 

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