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For Chris Tarrant, Injury Recovery & Pain Relief Has Never Been Easier


When you hear the word pain, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Sore back? Aching muscles? Past injuries catching up with you? Well for former Collingwood AFL star Chris Tarrant, life post-football hasn’t been without physical trials here and there.

“Life’s been great post footy,” said Chris Tarrant during his interview with PainPod™ last month.

“I played footy for fifteen years. Obviously eleven with the Pies and four with Fremantle.... I've had many injuries over my career. There’s not too many muscles or bones I haven't injured.” He explained. “Fifteen years is a long time playing football - so it does take a toll on your body and you certainly can feel that after you finish.”

“I came across PainPod through David Francis, the physio at Collingwood Football Club,” Chris told us. “He worked on my body for the majority of my career and he knew the issues I have, so I gave it a go.”‍

Of course, Tarrant isn’t the only person affected by the physical challenges of his career and lifestyle.

Factors like age, circumstances, diet, habits, health, and fitness levels play pivotal roles in our body’s ability to function, heal and relieve pain naturally. And for footy legends like Tarrant who have spent a whopping fifteen years in professional football, the physical price he’s paid is high.

Now with the PainPod™, Chris Tarrant is able to manage his injuries, relieve pain and improve mobility from the comfort of his own home. He simply attaches the pads to the target area while watching TV, after working out, while out and about…

This is how the PainPod™ goes to work; improving the flow of nutrients to the target area, relieving pain, and removing waste and toxins from exerted muscles.

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