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Discover the multitude of uses for PainPod™ medical devices with Physiotherapist, David Francis


Back pain, muscle injuries, nerve pain… almost all types of pain can eventuate into highly debilitating problems. If you pull an important muscle, pinch a nerve in your spine, or slip a disc, you may be in bed on your back for days (or even weeks) at a time.

Finding the right pain relief option that will help you recover quickly isn’t a simple task - particularly if the injury turns chronic.

When it comes to finding a swift road to recovery, it often begins with clearing your mind of impeding thoughts and alleviating the pain as best you can... Only then can you properly focus on recovering from whatever has caused pain in the first place.

But what if you could do both in one go?

Relieve pain AND speed up recovery at the same time... 

Without drugs?

Sounds like a dream, right?

But it doesn't have to be.

Not when you have your own PainPod™ physical therapy device on hand.

Find out how the Collingwood Football Club uses PainPod™ as a part of their off-field recovery and pain management routine with Collingwood Physiotherapist, David Francis.

How does PainPod™ work for Collingwood Football Club?

According to Collingwood FC’s Physiotherapist, 

“PainPod™ works in a number of methods that we adopt at the Collingwood Football Club.
“The first one is to modulate pain i.e. decrease pain. It does that by gating; whereby the stimulus of the machine provides a distraction to one’s brain, therefore the perception of pain becomes less. 
The second reason we use the PainPod™ is to improve individual muscle activation of certain muscles in the body that we need. We use the PainPod™ to stimulate … certain muscles so that we can improve function both in a rehab setting as well as on the football ground.” 

He explained. When asked about the portability and ease of use, David Francis simply said, 

“PainPod™ is a really easy device which can be used both in your treatment rooms as in our situation, or used at home as a preventative or a treatment for ongoing problems.”

What do you need a PainPod™ for?

Are you like Collingwood’s elite players who've taken a few hits on the field? Or maybe you’re simply a regular person who suffers pain and injuries just like the rest of us…Take a look below and see what you could potentially use a PainPod™ for.


  • Chronic pain relief - mild arthritis pain, chronic nerve, neck, back & shoulder pain & more.
  • Acute pain relief - short term low back, neck, shoulder, nerve & muscle pain & more.
  • Pain relief after surgery - labour pain, knee surgery pain, most post-surgery pain.
  • Musculoskeletal pain relief - joint pain, muscle pain, hip pain, growing pain & more.
  • Fast pain relief after injury - sprains, strains, cramps, broken bones, fractures & more.


  • Repair damaged & torn muscles - by improving nutrient flow to target area.
  • Remove waste & toxins - through micro pulsations improving circulation.
  • Increase myokine production & release of myokines
  • Aid remodelling as tissues repair - by reducing pain and improving range of motion.


  • Increase exercise tolerance - by increasing oxygen supply to the muscles.
  • Improve range of motion - by stimulating muscles, nerves and tissue around joints.
  • Stimulate & strengthen muscles - potential maximum muscle fibre activation.
  • Reduce muscle atrophy - during recovery or forced inactivity.

Does any of the above resonate with you?

Then a PainPod™ could be the perfect drug-free, alternative/complementary medical solution for you! PainPod™ portable medical devices provide on-the-go pain relief and physical therapy - so you can get fast relief anywhere, anytime.

Please note: like all pain relief modalities and treatments, PainPod™ works on a case-by-case basis so individual results may vary. The information outlined in this article should not be construed as medical advice. Only use PainPod™ medical products as directed or as instructed by a healthcare professional. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice from a healthcare professional.

Need more information?

Take a look at the PainPod™ FAQ’s because chances are, we’ve already got you covered! Alternatively get in touch with a PainPod™ customer care team member today.

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