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Everyday Uses For Your PainPod Device

If you think that a PainPod or Hidow device is only useful with specific injuries such as frozen shoulder or runner’s knee, you’re wrong. 


While a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine uses mild electrical impulses to block pain signals from reaching the brain and release endorphins for drug-free pain relief (1), an EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) machine has a number of functions from strengthening the muscles to improving joint pain and swelling (2). 


PainPod and Hidow machines offer both TENS and EMS in a single device, and along with convenience and portability, there’s a range of accessories you can add to it to tailor your experience from knee sleeves and elbow wraps to feet pads



As a result there are plenty of reasons in addition to injuries to have one hand at home, including the management of everyday aches and pains


For example, daily work routines can put a strain on your body, especially jobs that require physical exertion and overuse of muscles or joints resulting in soreness. You can also feel musculoskeletal pain after long periods of inactivity, from sitting in front of a computer all day in an office to being on your feet more than most doing jobs such as hairdressing, teaching, or hospitality.


While physical exercise is good for you, whether you use a treadmill or an exercise bike at the gym or you play sports you can still develop everyday aches and pains especially if you overdo it. Even passive exercise such as walking the dog a couple of times a day can leave muscles fatigued, not to mention pain and swelling from those accidental bumps and knocks everyone will experience from time to time.



PainPod devices can also help with a lineup of other a day-to-day niggles. You can use TENS for period pain (3), tension headaches (4) and migraine (5), and to relieve aches and pains from travelling, whether you’ve been sitting in position for hours on a long haul flight and have a sore lower back (6), or you’ve been carrying or pulling heavy bags. 


You can use your device to gently massage muscles after exercise, improve blood circulation, prevent soreness, decrease lactic acid build-up, and maintain or increase the range of motion in various joints such as knees or elbows (7). 


And finally there’s the added bonus of a feel-good massage, as you can use your PainPod or Hidow machine as an effective foot massager after a long day of being on your feet.


For more information about the various PainPod and Hidow machines and accessories, click here.


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