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Giving The Gift Of Health And Wellness

It’s not always easy choosing gifts for loved ones at Christmas, but everyone can benefit from the gift of wellness. Wellness isn’t just about physical health but also feeling good mentally and emotionally, so a wellness gift is an ideal way to show that you care, or support someone who needs it such as a family member who lives with a health condition or everyday aches and pains. So this year, instead of chocolates, wine or toys, why not add some gifts of wellness to your shopping list and see how much it brightens up a loved one’s Christmas?

The Gift Of Pain Relief

Pain greatly impacts the quality of life, making day-to-activities difficult and the idea of travel daunting. That makes a PainPod or Hidow device the ultimate gift of wellness. While a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine uses mild electrical impulses to block pain signals from reaching the brain and releases endorphins for drug-free pain relief (1), an EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) machine can help to strengthen muscles, improve joint pain and swelling (2) and more. PainPod devices can also help with a lineup of other day-to-day niggles, including period pain (3), tension headaches (4) and migraine (5), while also relieving aches and pains from travelling such as a sore back (6). Additionally, it can be used to gently massage muscles after a workout, improve blood circulation, and maintain or increase the range of motion in joints such as knees and elbows (7). Finally, there’s the bonus of a feel-good massage, as you can use your PainPod or Hidow machine as an effective foot massager after a long day of being on your feet, or to ease tension in your back. And if your loved one already has a device, why not gift them some replacement pads or an accessory such as a knee wrap for at-home physiotherapy?

The Gift Of Fitness

A gift of wellness can be a motivational nudge in a healthier direction, and the list is long when it comes to options. At one end of the scale is a new bike, a treadmill or a gym membership, but you can also consider home-use gym equipment such as resistance bands or a yoga mat. A fitness watch or tracker is another idea, as it can help someone stay on track with their fitness goals, or if a loved one has mentioned joining a gym or trying out a fitness or yoga class, get them started with a fitness class pass or a gift certificate from a yoga studio. 

The Gift Of Healthy Eating And Drinking

A cookbook is a great gift idea, especially if you choose one with a focus on eating healthy or one that helps a loved one manage a health issue such as diabetes. Another idea is a healthy food hamper, with many different types to choose from including gluten-free, keto, vegan-friendly and dairy free. Or consider a cool, portable, reusable water bottle a loved one can take with them on the go; you’ll help keep them hydrated and do the planet a favour.

The Gift Of De-stressing

A spa voucher is ideal to help someone unwind after a busy year. There are head-to-toe health benefits for all to enjoy while kicking back in a quiet, relaxed environment can help to reduce stress levels, clear the mind, and boost mood. A calming candle is another idea, with candlelight a gentle and relaxing form of lighting that enhances de-stressing activities such as enjoying a long soak in the bath. Other ideas include a sleep mask, a sleep tracker, a subscription to a meditation app, or essential oils with a burner.

The Gift Of Fun And Activity

At this time of year, it’s easy to become focussed on indoor festivities and forget about the great outdoors. But venturing into fresh air and nature is a wonderful way to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing, with gifts such as kayaking, horse riding and cycling tours. Just for fun, a beach cricket set will get the family outside after Christmas lunch, along with games including croquet, boules, and bocce, or go back to basics by gifting a frisbee, a rugby or a soccer ball.

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