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Meet Jordi McMillan

Meet PainPod Ambassador, Jordi McMillan aka The Rocket! At just 16 years old, Jordi is a professional female sprinter from South Australia and an all-round positive role model. Her biggest athletic accomplishments to date were winning the Open Women’s Bay Sheffield at 14 years old in 2018, becoming the youngest Bay Sheffield winner in history, followed by her record setting sprint for the SA U14 200m. Jordi's dream is to represent Australia at the Olympics and World Championships, travel the globe competing and earn a Diamond League invitational. 


For anyone wanting to get into competitive running, Jordi's advice is, "Just have fun with it! The more you get worked up and the more you take the criticism harshly, the more you won’t enjoy it anymore. Smile after each run and always focus on the positive of the race, even if it wasn’t your best, as long as you know you tried your hardest on the day." Some further advice that Jordi would have also particularly liked to give her younger self is, "Don’t let people define you or put you down, they’re only doing it to make you weaker, when in reality, I know you are stronger than they think you are. Don’t let the negative Dinosaurs ruin your life girl! Be a positive Dinosaur!"


After a long week of training and for those little niggles and injuries, Jordi uses her PainPod for recovery. She especially enjoys being able to sit down and relax using it with the Bio Belt and 100% recommends PainPod to her family and friends, having first hand experienced the benefits. 


From the team here at PainPod, we love having you on board and wish you all the best Jordi. No doubt that with all of your hard work and by following your own wise advice you will achieve your dreams!

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