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Meet Nissan Essery-Pangallo

How did you get started in the fitness industry?

By helping others! After experiencing my own physical transformation (20kg weight loss from 75kg), my connections in the gym started asking me questions, joining me as training buddies and recommending me to their friends/family. And after obtaining my Cert IV - I deferred after my 3rd year at uni, walked into the biggest gym in Perth city at the time and started my business!


Did you always have an interest in helping others to achieve their goals or was there something in particular that inspired you?

If you can help someone feel great and remind them how amazing the body they're in is - it's almost MY goal more than theirs! There's no bigger inspiration than someone who carves out time to better themselves and their body. Especially in today's go go climate.


What is the biggest &/or best change you’ve seen in yourself since working in the health and fitness industry? 

I've never changed, that's my best! A colleague once said to me that I'd "never be able to run a business on fairy floss and unicorns" - but I've stayed true to my happy, glitter-bomb self throughout my career in this industry and it's brought me endless success and wonderful connections.


What are your top 5 tips to help people motivate themselves?

- Remember why you're doing it, then say it out aloud or write it down

- Block out time in your calendar to eat, exercise and sleep so you get reminders!

- Prep everything and make sure it's all accessible i.e. activewear, breakfast, snacks, dog leash, etc.

- Train to be strong and weight management will follow

- Every little bit counts - in both exercise and nutrition!


You have recently decided to say goodbye to your gym in Malaga, moving forward what are your aspirations?

Ultimately, after 17+ years of looking after others, we're now focusing on ourselves and hopefully adding a mini to the family!


Do you have any tips for someone starting their own business? 

If it's fitness related - nothing compares to client-facing experience. Anyone can write a program and a meal plan, but it takes care and biomechanical responsibility to truly provide a service of impact. Get in front of people first before offering online services.

And for any start-ups, in any industry: Keep going. Your ideas are amazing. And you absolutely are a necessity.


Where would you like to see your profession grow in the future?

More celebration of fitness professionals at state levels. 

More dedicated support/social groups for us - I'm part of some fantastic women in business network groups and have always wondered why there's nothing like it for fitness pros?!

More trainers talking about strength and wellness rather than aesthetic / weight loss.