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Meet PainPod Ambassador Elle Goodall

Elle, tell us about your background and story to where you are today?

I started my journey tipping the scale at 184kg. I was very sick with weight related issues, I struggled to walk and had nearly lost my life. I decided that something had to happen and I needed to turn my life around. In 2016, I had weight loss surgery but I also knew I needed to do more, as surgery was only a tool to help the amount that I consume, so I decided to give triathlon a crack!

At 170kg, I did my first ever triathlon. After that, I told everyone I was going to do a full ironman, and in 2017, just 1 year after surgery I found myself lining up on the beach for my first full Ironman!!! Since that event, I have completed 8 full distance Ironman events and attempted an Ultraman. 

What are the keys to success for anyone looking to replicate a similar pathway?

I think consistency and passion is the best answer to this one. However, you must expect to have several bad days, as it’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. 

One example of a time that I really had to push myself through a bad day, and rely on my passion and commitment was in 2021, when I decided to tackle my biggest event to date. I felt that doing UltraMan was the natural progression from IronMan, and made that the next crazy challenge I would face. An ULTRAMAN is a 10k swim, 420km bike and a 84.3k run. Unfortunately, my UltraMan dream did not become a reality, as I only finished the 10k swim, 300km on the bike and the 84.3k run. In the event, I had some bad issues on the bike and was pulled off course, however, I went back to finish the run, so I did become an ultra runner! I was also the 4th female out of the water in the swim, so I had two personal wins on the day, and I’ll take that! 

I plan on going back and finishing that race one day. I’m not sure when, because that race well and truly broke me, and I am still mentally and physically recovering. I am determined however, to go back and do it all again, and when I say I’m going to do something, you bet ya I am doing it!

How do you successfully manage your life and training balance?

It can be tough. I don’t have much of a social life, as my social events are races these days ha ha ha. I am lucky enough however, to work at a bike shop who are very understanding of what I do.

What continues to drive you for a happy lifestyle?

My goals are what drives me, and continue to drive me. They’re big goals and I have no time limit on them. I will continue to work towards them, with the hope of gradually reaching them.

How does PainPod assist in your recovery?

I use my pain pod most nights before bed to help with muscle recovery but also to help with relaxation after big sessions.

What is your favorite PainPod product?  

The PainPod 3 is by far my favourite product. I also love using the foot pads, as I have had a few niggles in my feet recently as well as the premium pads on my calves. During my journey, I have had so many calf issues, however, since using my PainPod they seem to be under control! 

How often do you use PainPod products?

At least every second day during training and every day in the lead up to a race. I also use the PainPod after a race for my recovery.


How do you find PainPod’s ability to not only help you recover from sport but also your everyday movements?

As mentioned, I often struggle with calf tears. I started using the PainPod to try to help strengthen my calf muscles, and I am happy to report that it's ‘so far so good’. I haven't recently had any issues with my calf!

For anyone who is unsure on using PainPod, what advice would you give them to start using PainPod?

Honestly, my PainPod products have helped in so many ways. As an endurance athlete, injuries and niggles used to be a constant part of my life. I use PainPod to help manage my niggles and injuries, it also helps with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after a big strength session, allowing me to be fully relaxed at night.