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Meet Weekend Warrior & PainPod User Sam

From Running Recovery to Chronic Migraines: How PainPod has helped Weekend Warrior, Sam.

For Gold Coast based Sports Consultant, Sam Coen, pain and aches were something that was significantly impacting his quality of life. With the help of PainPod, Sam was not only able to reduce the pain he was feeling throughout his body, but also relax and recover from work, running and life in general!


Running Away from Pain

Sam is an avid runner, where he spends most of his weekends running anywhere from 5km to 30km. Taking a heavy toll on his body, Sam found that his legs and back were starting to feel the impact of this solid training regime. 

With the help of his PainPod device, Sam found that by treating his calves and thighs, he was able to feel fresh and bounce back quicker from his runs. 


Saying Goodbye to Chronic Migraines

Once Sam had recognised how much the PainPod could help him in his running, tackling pain caused by his chronic migraines was the next step for improving his quality of life. As all migraine sufferers can understand, the pain and discomfort caused when these headaches take place is intense. 

When using the PainPod, Sam found that he was able to reduce the pain he felt through the back of his neck, which made the discomfort of his migraines considerably better.


Relax and Rejuvenate

At the end of a busy day, whether that be juggling work, kids, training or life’s other surprises, it is often hard to wind down and relax. 

“I think my favourite product is the PainPod Heat. I have been using that for my lower back – when my wife isn’t using it herself! I find that it significantly reduces pain, but also helps me to relax at night.”

Through recovery, pain relief and relaxation, Sam has been able to take on his busy schedule feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, thanks to his trusty PainPod device and accessories. 

*Individual results may vary