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Meet Rory Plant

Meet proud PainPod Ambassador and loyal customer, Rory Plant. Rory grew up playing soccer and was privileged to share the field with some of his generation’s finest players where their Club won three successive Victoria Cups and toured Fiji for the Asia-Pacific Championships. As life took over, Rory later returned to the pitch with indoor soccer, however, knee trauma then followed.

A misdiagnosed torn ACL delayed surgery by a year and so Rory's injury and pain management challenges increased, while he also battled headaches and migraines, being a long-term sufferer. Having recovered from the left ACL reconstruction, Rory returned to indoor soccer and promptly tore the right ACL, resulting in another surgery. With soccer being clearly off the agenda from then on, Rory redirected his desire for excitement and competition towards motorsport.

Rory first discovered PainPod while wandering around the 2017 Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix. Being a pain sufferer himself, Rory immediately approached the stall to sample the PainPod 3 on the back of the neck for tension relief related to migraines and postural issues. "It was an amazing sensation. I bought one on the spot."

During the racing season, Rory finds the Premium Pads work a treat on long drives to or from the racetrack and myotherapist. Having been in Melbourne lockdown, Rory has also found the Bio Belt brilliant whilst working from home to help relieve stiffness in the lower back and just recently, Rory picked up the BodySystems Knee Sleeve to manage knee pain while waiting to find out if more surgery is required. 

"There’s a tool for every part of the body, and now I’m itching to try the new PainPod HEAT."

As Rory has become more attuned with his body over the years, he has found it easier to identify and address issues earlier. With the increasing range of PainPod solutions, Rory feels he is able to keep ahead of the increased stiffness, pain and recovery required after busy race weekends, future surgeries and just general wear and tear from ageing day to day life.

Rory hopes to keep up his racing for a number of years to come as it is a great release and competitive outlet. He reassures, "For anyone interested in getting on track – it’s not as intimidating as you’d first think!" If you're starting out, Rory strongly advises in Driver Training to feel how cars behave closer to the limit. Then, progressing to an on-track experience when more confidence is gained. Rory also recommends seeking a local Motorsport Australia affiliated Car Club that runs “Come and Try” days. "You’ll be starting off in a welcoming, controlled environment. Most people love to chat about their experience and passion – don’t be afraid to ask around and build up your knowledge before spending too much money." 

Looking back on his younger self, Rory described himself as fast and flexible, with powerful legs but not much else. Today, he understands the importance of building up the other elements: strengthening the core, back, and overall upper body along with understanding healthy nutrition, because, "Whether you’re an athlete or simply enjoying a hobby, your body is the most important equipment you use." With this knowledge, Rory believes these missing factors may have helped his long-suffering of migraines and therefore, advocates getting educated from the experts and never being afraid to ask!


If you'd like to follow Rory's journey, you can find him on Instagram at: