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Meet Talena Cleyne

Meet full-time ballerina, Talena Cleyne; PainPod's newest ambassador. At just 4 years old, Talena from little Yandina on the Sunshine Coast knew that when she grew up, she wanted to be a dancer. From a rural dance school with no mirrors, just music and a barre, Talena danced all the way into her high school years until eventually, her parents could no longer take her to lessons due to distance. Then, destiny called and Talena won a single term trial session for ballet up the road where a devoted ballerina emerged. 


Through hard work, determination and a strong support system behind her, Talena was accepted into the New Zealand School of Dance in 2020 and will be training at the Bolshoi Academy in Moscow, Russia later this year. Talena’s dream is to be a part of a European company, touring and dancing in world renowned ballets and theatres, seeing the world and learning more about the arts and history of dance.

 As ballet is a very physically demanding art, Talena uses the PainPod daily to help injury prevention, muscle recovery and performance. Long training days means pushing your body to the limit and so afterwards, Talena loves to use her PainPod with the Foot Pads.

“They are the perfect addition to my nightly routine of looking after my feet when I am in the peak of performing season.” Another favourite is the Bio Belt for its versatility, covering larger areas where there is muscle tightness such as the legs and back. “I would definitely recommend PainPod to my family and friends and fellow dancers as it doesn’t only benefit athletes, I have found and experienced it helping my 94 year old great grandma and my parents with daily aches and pains.”

As someone who has pointe shoe ribbons running through her veins, Talena’s advice to anyone who has discovered a passion for ballet, dance and the arts is that,

“It is the most magical world to fall into and with passion, dedication, opportunity and hard work you are never too old to start a new chapter and journey of your life.”

You can follow Talena and her exciting journey to the theatre stages of Europe at 🩰