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PainPod Ambassador Jordi McMillan


When it comes to chasing dreams, PainPod ambassador, surf lifesaver and sprinter Jordi McMillan has never let anything stop her from achieving her goals.

Currently in Year 12 in the beautiful wine region of McLaren Vale in South Australia, Jordi is pushing herself to the limit balancing training, competitions and study. In 2019, Jordi won the South Australian Athletic League Female Sprinter of the Year and Athlete of the Year. 

After spending close to her entire life competing in athletics as a sprinter, Jordi decided to make the move to surf lifesaving in a way to take a mental break from the sport whilst taking her love for racing and competing into a new and exciting environment. 

The team here at PainPod are extremely proud to support Jordi and help her achieve her dreams. In the midst of Year 12 exams and assignments, we asked Jordi a few questions to explore her journey further and find out how she uses her PainPod for recovery. 


What’s your favourite thing about surf lifesaving? 

I love the atmosphere at surf! The people are so nice and supportive no matter who you are, and the race structure is quite different to track. Instead of having seeded heats they randomly draw it using an app so you could be racing the same people each comp or completely different in your heat. It’s quite cool.


How long have you been involved in the sport?

I was invited to compete with the Currumbin Vikings in 2019 so I went and got my bronze medallion in Queensland and did a race up there. Then COVID came along, and I wasn’t going to race again as it was quite difficult to get up there to do hours. When I decided to have my track break, I wanted to continue with surf and so I started at Somerton surf lifesaving club in December, and I raced at all the comps from December onwards. 


What is your advice to others looking at participating in surf lifesaving competitions? 

Do it! It is such an amazing sport. The people there are incredible, and everyone tries all the events at one point. It also gives you some good qualifications that can help you later in life to deal with specific situations. It’s something that I hope to put my kids in one day as it has helped me to better myself as an individual so much just in 6 months. 


Being in year 12, how do you juggle competing, training and school?

OH MY GOD, some weeks it’s a nightmare and others it’s crazy easy. It’s quite good as my school have given us study lessons to do homework so I do most of it in them, and then I train after school every day and race weekends in the summer. I guess over the years I’ve learnt to deal with it, and it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. I’m one of the tops in all of my classes and I think athletics has probably helped me to learn how to manage my time. 


Surf Lifesaving is an intense sport, how does it take a toll on your body and what do you do to manage your recovery?

I remember the first few weeks I started training my body did not like the sand at all, I think every muscle in my body was in pain. Often after a comp or beach session I’d walk in the water for a few minutes and that would help a lot, then I’d come home and use my PainPod. Now in winter after a training session, I will go home and have a warm bath sometimes, stretch, foam roll and then chuck my PainPod on any parts of my body that are uncomfortable and they are usually pretty good the next day. 


How does PainPod assist in your recovery?

I love the PainPods products. Ever since I became an ambassador, I loved putting it on because I was always so entertained by watching my muscle contracting and retracting. The pulses that cause the muscles to tense are very relieving and it helps almost instantly. I could sit there for hours with it on my back too! So relaxing. Sometimes my parents even use it for hours on end. 


Have you experienced many setbacks?

Setbacks, setbacks, setbacks. I have gone through so many in my career from being bullied out of a squad to being kicked out, but I’ve only ever had one injury which was a shoulder one back in 2019. As I said before, I have come across some mental setbacks and that’s why I stepped back from track for a mental break and tried surf, to keep me fit and to help me refocus on my goal of making the Australian team. And I just nominated for my first Australian surf lifesaving team 2 weeks ago, so I’ve been super on edge waiting to hopefully get a call!


What PainPod product is your favourite?

I LOVE the bio belt! I could wear it for hours on end and even sleep with it on, that’s how much I love it. Especially during winter when it’s cold and my back gets a bit stiff from training. 


How often do you use PainPod products?

I try to use my PainPod at least once a week on Friday or Thursday night when I have finished my training for the week. This just allows my body to relax and regenerate for the next week ahead.