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PainPod brings a winning advantage to Elite Sport

June saw attention centred on a packed PainPod® stand at the Elite Sport Show in London.

Billed as the place to find the 1% difference between winning and losing, it was the perfect opportunity for European press, athletes, professionals and public alike to take a sneak peek and experience first hand the advantages of the breakthrough PainPod M & PainPod 3.

"PainPod reinvented portable physical therapy with PainPod 3 and now PainPod M will reinvent how we can address pain and recovery."

Said a PainPod spokesperson at the event.

At the event for the European launch, the team was on hand to share directly how the world’s most advanced combined, pain/recovery device puts the power and control of BioTechnology directly in the hands of Elite athletes and Fitness enthusiast alike, helping them to recover quicker and perform better..

Two of PainPod’s International Brand Ambassadors and contributors were also on the stage, spreading the message about how using the BioTechnology incorporated in the unique M and PainPod 3, along with an increasing understanding of bioelectrical stimulation therapies for the peripheral nervous system,  is changing the face of athletic performance, helping strength and recovery in ways underserved or untouched by drugs.

Three times Olympian and Olympic Silver medalist, BBC Sports Commentator and TV personality, Leon Taylor enjoyed sustained athletic success, inventor of the world’s most difficult dive, he has always pushed the boundaries of elite sport.

Leon is mentor to, among others, UK Team GB Olympian and multiple medal winner, Tom Daley and was able to share his unique career perspective on treading the fine lines between incremental gains and losses in elite sport- along with personal insight into the challenges and choices now facing modern athletes in their quest for success.

International Sports Performance Consultant & Applied Sports Technologist Antonio Robustelli, works around the world with Olympic athletes and professional sports teams in Europe, Asia and the USA.

He touched a nerve speaking about clean performance enhancement and looked at how the increasing understanding of bioelectrical stimulation therapies and BioTechnology could be changing the face of athletic performance.

The M is available in UK & Australia officially from October and compliments PainPod 3 as the total Pain Management, Performance Gains and Injury Recovery package for anyone that’s serious about being free of pain or wants to gain the clear advantage between winning and losing.



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