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PainPod Helping EmPower missions of good purpose.

Ausssie-born we may be but we’re on a global mission to share the benefits of drug free, bio-friendly healing and pain relief as widely as we can, increasing choice about effective alternatives to medication and drugs.

The PainPod® EmPower Programme works around the planet with enterprises of good purpose to give their supporters an unprecedented way of contributing to endeavours of great significance - at the same time as bringing the world another step closer to a drug free, pain free generation. 

This July, PainPod joined up with the team at US Veterans Racing For Heroes to help keep their drivers on track and their supporters pain free.

Racing For Heroes is on a mission to provide Veterans and their families with proven resources to support them through the darkest of times. Motorsport, teamwork, community and mutual support are at the heart of their efforts to empower the US veteran communities.

Using team Motorsport as their vehicle and the adrenaline-fuelled spectacle and of motor racing as their platform, R4H’s team of service disabled Veterans and support crews are challenging the ChumpCar World Series at some of North America’s most famous circuits, as well as mounting an assault on the 2017 USA Dirt Track Racing Calendar.

As veterans themselves, the entire organization at R4H know that teamwork is king - each component of the system playing a critical role in the overall successful impact of the Team.  Using this proven technique, smaller, community-based R4H hubs, operating under the same goal-oriented plan, are creating positive impact upon the local Veteran, racing and local communities.

R4H bring the same mentality to collaborating with other Veteran-focused organizations, joining together to force multiply benefits to wider communities across the USA.

By providing new channels to raise funds PainPod is helping the team take the pain out of racing “PainPod gives our team the choice of effective drug free, natural alternatives for pain management, helping us keep on top driving performance’ says R4H joint founder and team Leader Mike Evock.

“At the same time our supporters can purchase PainPod in a beautiful new way and contribute to their chosen endeavour of great significance, helping us raise critical funds to support our mission and vision”