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Using the PainPod through a Major Sporting Event with David Morgan


On the 24th March 2020, it was announced that the Tokyo Olympics would be postponed until the summer of 2021. We fast-forward to our current date in time and look back on what has been a new experience for many athletes and its viewers. It will forever be an Olympics to be remembered.

PainPod was fortunate to have one of its own Ambassadors, David Morgan, attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games for Team Australia. David competed in both the 100m and 200m Butterfly events in Tokyo.

The team at PainPod are extremely proud to support David with his recovery in the lead up and during the Olympics. We are extremely thankful for David taking the time to chat with us about his time in Tokyo and how he uses PainPod to benefit his performance.



How did you find the most recent Tokyo Olympics?

I really enjoyed everything at the Olympics, the accommodation, atmosphere and people were fantastic.

Having attended multiple Olympics, how would you rate your overall experience in Tokyo?

I would rate Tokyo very high on the overall experience, every Olympics has its challenges, but I always make sure I enjoy it and make the most of the journey.

With the Games now ending, what will your next 12 months look like?

For me the next 12 months started with enjoying a nice well-deserved break, but I am training in my new club at Miami swimming club on the Gold Coast, which is very exciting for me.

An athlete’s career in sport doesn’t go forever unfortunately, what does life after sport look like for you?

I know for me swimming will always be part of my life because I love being in the water. I really want to work with promoting learn to swim among adults and kids.

Throughout the training camp & Olympics you’ve got so much going on, what is it that you do personally to take a break?

I am always keeping in contact with my friends and family. I really enjoy drawing and making models, I always aim to try and expand my knowledge of learning new things

Did you have any major setbacks in the lead up to the Games and how did you manage your way through them?

During any part of a lead up to a major competition there are always setbacks, they may be small or big, but it's always understanding and accepting that it's normal.

How does PainPod assist in your recovery?

PainPod has been awesome for me, especially the amount of travelling I did for the Olympics. I had 3 suitcases and a carry-on bag for the Olympics, so I used PainPod a lot as an activation so I'm looking after my body, especially my back when moving from place to place.

What is your favourite PainPod product?

I really like using the PainPod BodySystems belt, it really helped my back stay active, when sitting on planes or waiting around in airports

How often do you use PainPod products?

I use PainPod everyday; as a swimmer my shoulders get used a lot, so keeping them relaxed and pain free is very important with the amount of training I do.

For anyone who is unsure on using PainPod, what advice would you give them to start using PainPod?

I would definitely say give PainPod a go, it's been brilliant for myself as an athlete but also my mum and dad. Nobody likes being in Pain, as I also believe humans jump too quickly for medication, when sometimes that masks the pain instead of working on a way to fix the problem.