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Pain-Free Magpies: Former Collingwood AFL Stars Admit to Using PainPod For Recovery & Pain Relief

PainPod™: Collingwood’s Secret Weapon To Pain-Free, Fast Injury Recovery



PainPod™ advanced technology was introduced to Collingwood Football Club’s Physiotherapists, Players and Club Supporters as a drug-free pain reliever and physical therapy tool for improved performance and fast, pain-free recovery. Check out what they have to say about PainPod™ physical therapy technology by following the interview links below.

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ARTICLE LINK: Overcoming Pain & Getting Back In The Game With Former AFL Star Heath Scotland

ARTICLE LINK: How Collingwood Uses PainPod™: Physio David Francis Tells All

Collingwood's elite AFL players use the PainPod™ to relieve pain, improve performance & speed up recovery after injuries & games… Imagine what it could do for you.

The PainPod™ team is proud the Magpies have embraced PainPod™ physical therapy technology, but we know it’s not only athletes who suffer bodily pain and discomfort.

All of us experience pain at some stage; whether it be after an over-enthusiastic session at the gym, an injury, or perhaps chronic pain which you’ve struggled to manage for months or even years.

If you are coping with any kind of pain right now or are prone to injury due to age, sporting interests, lifestyle or occupation, you may have tried various methods of pain relief but would like to try something new.

Perhaps you don’t like taking pain medication or physical therapy isn’t affordable or easily accessible… The PainPod™ is affordable and ultra-portable cutting-edge technology which you can use in the comfort of your own home, whenever you need it.

A drug-free pain reliever and physical therapy tool, the PainPod™ achieves improved performance and fast, pain-free recovery. Runners, joggers, and other active individuals use the PainPod™ as a preventative treatment to increase exercise tolerance, range of motion and oxygen supply to muscles; and again after exercise to repair damaged and torn muscles.

People of all ages who suffer chronic pain have achieved outstanding results the PainPod™ has achieved for them, using it to improve range of motion, stimulate and strengthen muscles and reduce muscle atrophy where movement is limited.

If you want to recover and repair your body like an elite athlete, or simply eliminate bodily pain from your daily life, try the PainPod™ today and enjoy the wide range of benefits this cutting edge technology provides.

Like all intervention methods for pain management and physical therapy, PainPod™ medical devices work on a case-by-case basis so individual results may vary. The PainPod™ is listed on the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Administration), has CE marking, and is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a medical device ARTG number: 176131.


Do not use a PainPod™:

  • if you have a pacemaker or any kind of electronic implanted device
  • if you have a cochlear implant hearing device
  • if you are less than 37 weeks pregnant
  • if you have a severe heart disorder
  • if you already have DVT

If you are prone to seizures, suffer from epilepsy, have cancer or are recovering from cancer, consult with your doctor before use. Remember, PainPod™ physical therapy devices are medical devices and as such, should be used only as directed by PainPod™ Australia or by your healthcare professional. If you require more information, contact us today.